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Barrel aged
Kalsec Barrel aged Extract for beer. Enriches the beer flavor by adding the barrel brewed character...
Blackberries give that summery sweet taste and aroma, and our Natural Blackberry Artisan Flavor perf..
Blood Orange
Don't just use any flavor in your cooking. Our Natural Orange Blossom Artisan Flavor not only has th..
Blood Orange Moon
Kalsec Blood Orange Moon Extract for beer. Gives the refreshing taste of Blood Orange to your beer. ..
We love blueberries because of their fun slightly sweet and slightly tart flavor. They’re delicious ..
Kalsec Blueberry Extract for beer. Gives the subtle flavor of blueberry to the beer. Available in 1k..
Kalsec Chocolicious Chocolate Extract for beer. Gives a blast of Chocolate and hints of vanilla to y..
Dehydrated Lemon
Produced using selected whole, washed, sliced lemons (the juice is lost and mainly the rind remains)..
Dehydrated Orange
Produced using selected whole, washed, sliced oranges (the juice is lost and mainly the rind remains..
Green Ginger
Kalsec Super Soluble Green Ginger Extract for beer. The special flavor of ginger is now available fo..
Lychee is fragrant, delicate, and sweet. Eat it fresh or find it in teas, juices, and desserts. If y..
Passion Fruit
Kalsec Natural Passion Fruit Extract for beer. Features the unique tropical flavor of passion fruit...
Passion Fruit
If you're looking for a tropical touch to bring a burst of deliciousness to your creations, then loo..
The tropical pineapple is so sweet and delicious that it’s used in both sweet and savory dishes. Eat..
Pumpkin Spice
Kalsec Pumpkin Spice Extract for beer. Gives the natural flavor of the pumpkin to the beer. This fla..
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