Fawcett Maris Otter Pale Ale

English Maris Otter was introduced in 1966 and quickly became a dominant variety in the 1970s due to its low nitrogen and superior malting characteristics.  It has long been the favorite of English brewers for its brew house performance and rich, slightly nutty flavor, uniformly plump kernels, and robust husk. Low protein content and high degree of modification are considered ideal by expert ale-brewers, and are very forgiving to the novice when mashed. A classic, high-quality choice for English ales, Maris Otter is also used as a base malt for continental and American ales, and occasionally lagers.

Data sheet

Country of origin
Packaging Size(s)
25 KG
Raw material
Kilned Malt
5 - 7.5
2.3 - 3