Amoretti Artisan Natural Flavors, and how to use them

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Artisan Natural Flavoring by Amoretti

And how to use it in your beer

Artisan Natural Flavorings from Amoretti, are the perfect way to give your beer, wine, cider, or other creations a unique and delicious kick! Amoretti is a world leader in extracts, flavorings, pastes and infusions. We are proud to bring you their natural artisan flavorings for use in your fermented creations! Their Artisan Flavorings are used by hundreds of pro brewers in the USA, and now Amoretti is making them available in China through SBI! They provide extreme batching accuracy and require less to flavor a batch than real fruit. They have natural flavor and color, are shelf and heat stable, and do not contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Easily customize your favorite craft beers such as IPAs, lagers, stouts, and saisons. And don't forget about your cocktails, lemonades, teas, liqueurs, wines, sangrias, shakes, smoothies, and any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages you can dream up!

Artisan™ is super concentrated fruit, filtered, and shelf stable. Unlike regular (single strength) purees, you don't have to worry about spoiling fruit, lack of flavor, or pulp. Artisan™ is best added after the fermentation. It can be added in the secondary fermenter or bright tank before filling to kegs or bottles.

The Artisan Flavorings are best when added to the fermenter. Amoretti recommends adding when fermentation is roughly 75% percent complete. They can also be added after primary fermentation is complete. The recommended way to add the flavorings is to boil a few cups of water, allow to cool to 75-85C, then mix in your desired flavoring amount. This will help dissolve the flavoring into solution. Further cool this solution to roughly the same temperature as your beer or wine, stirring occasionally, then add. If adding at kegging time, it is best to add to beer or wine that has been clarified and has little active yeast. Thorough mixing in the keg is recommended. It is not recommended to add at bottling time, as the sugars in the flavoring could cause bottles to become over-carbonated and burst.

For adding Artisan, it is advised to use 0,5 to 1% of the total amount of beer.

Use this handy cheat-sheet to help figure out how much Amoretti product you should start with when flavoring your beverage creations. Remember, these recommendations are just the start of your delicious adventure!

Liter of Final Beer Percentage of Artisan KG of Artisan
100 0,5 0,5
100 1 1
200 0,5 1
200 1 2
500 0,5 2,5
500 1 5
1.000 0,5 5
1.000 1 10

Like real fruit, do some fruits have stronger flavors and aromas than others. Please consider this when deciding on the dosage. Also, the type of base-beer will determine the strength of your dosage.

Example 1: When adding Blood Orange start testing with a lower percentage, compared to when testing with Lychee

Example 2: When adding a fruit flavor to a stout, use a higher percentage compared to when adding it to a saison.

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