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Your passion, being a brewer, is brewing the best and tastiest beer. SBI shares this passion by caring about your ingredients. We have the expertise when it comes to buying the best quality malt, hops, yeast and other ingredients. We carefully select and source the best quality ingredients for you from across the globe.

Since 2014, SBI has earned the trust of many brewers in China by delivering the finest brewing ingredients at competitive prices, all backed by outstanding customer service and depth of industry experience.

Our Team

Today’s craft beer consumer is a global beer drinker, and SBI brings the world to your brewhouse with an unprecedented breadth and diversity of ingredients from down the road and around the world. We import malts from The Netherlands, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Hops from the USA, Germany, UK and Czech Republic. Fruit extracts and concentrates from the USA.

Our knowledgeable and friendly sales and management staff comes from the brewing industry and can assist you in everything from recipe formulation to troubleshooting. With a distribution center strategically located in central China, we are within easy reach of most breweries across the middle kingdom.

We offer:

Best price/quality ratio

Wide product assortment on stock

High service level

Convenient, fast and efficient ordering at a ‘one-stop-shop’

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